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About Us

Hack4Her is the only female-focused student hackathon in the Netherlands, creating a space where technology and diversity meet. We are a coalition of staff and students from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Universiteit van Amsterdam. Our mission is simple: to create a women-centered space in the tech world. We’re dedicated to providing a welcoming atmosphere that fosters learning and innovation for all students. We aim to bridge the gender gap in technology by fostering a diverse ecosystem of students, mentors, and leaders.

Hack4Her is not just a hackathon; it’s a movement. A weekend at Hack4Her means engaging in an environment rich with challenges and opportunities, where participants can experiment, innovate, and connect with like-minded individuals and mentors in the tech industry. Our platform celebrates diversity, where all students from across the Netherlands can join in the camaraderie, code, and competition.

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Recent Event

3rd Annual Hack4Her Event

Dates: June 7-9, 2024
🌟 Dive into the 3rd Annual Hack4Her, June 7-9, 2024, at VU Amsterdam! A weekend dedicated to empowering women in tech through collaboration, innovation, and competition. Open to all students in the Netherlands, we invite you to join us for coding, workshops, lectures, projects, and networking. While all genders are welcome, only women are eligible to compete in the hackathon portion of the event. Enjoy free food, drinks, and a chance for free accommodation.

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Recent News

Isabella Venancia Gardner HAck4Her Project Lead Starts AI Master at UvA with Fellowship from the Amsterdam University Fund

Isabella Gardner, Hack4Her Project Lead, was awarded the Qualcomm Diversity in AI Fellowship by the Amsterdam University Fund for her efforts in supporting diversity in artificial intelligence studies. This recognition highlights Gardner’s dedication to inclusivity within the tech sector, demonstrated through her initiative, Hack4Her, and her outreach efforts to introduce AI to children from diverse backgrounds.

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Jury Report VU Amsterdam Education Awards 2023-2024 Mylène Brown-Coleman co-project lead of Hack4Her

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam’s news release details of the jury report for the VU Amsterdam Education Awards 2023-2024, where Mylène Brown-Coleman, a bachelor’s student and co-project lead of Hack4Her, was shortlisted for the student talent award for her dedication to inclusivity and safety within the Computer Science department.

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AYA RR Awards 2023: Education Quality, Hack4Her, and Inclusion - Amsterdam Young Academy

Amsterdam Young Academy announced Dr. Katja Tuma as the recipient of the Societal Impact award at the AYA Recognition & Reward Awards for her organization of the Hack4Her hackathon, which created a safe space for women in a male-dominated field and was commended for its self-organization and impact.

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Great Success for the Hack4Her Event - Network Institute

The Network Institute reported on the Hack4Her event as a significant initiative highlighting the role of women in technology. The event was noted for its self-organized structure and the social, learning, and skill-practice events that took place.

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Hack4Her Shared as Best Practices for Inclusion of Women in Tech - Informatics Europe

Hack4Her entered the Minerva Informatics Equality Award and was shared as part of the Best Practices in Supporting Women in Tech by Informatics Europe.

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Past Events

Over 150 attendees, 50+ projects, and countless moments of innovation over our 2 years active.

“Years of empowering women in tech. See where we’ve been and what we’ve achieved.” – Our Journey So Far.

Sponsors and Partners

We want to express our gratitude to the following sponsors for their generous support:

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Thank you for making this event possible!

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